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Progressive Enhancement vs. Graceful Degradation vs. Progressive Web App; Which one is right for your business?

The way people like to access websites is evolving. A vast majority of internet users are no longer relying on desktop browsers to visit websites. For this reason, online businesses, website owners and web developers have to re-evaluate the design of their websites and make changes to accommodate the evolving needs of their target market and customers.

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The Future of Online Luxury Retail in the UK

Online shopping trends are changing, and the attitude of traditional luxury brands towards selling online must also change if they wish to capture an upcoming lucrative market that includes Millennials and Generation Z. Generally, luxury brands have looked down upon online retailing as a way for low and mid-range luxury brands to sell their products to the masses. However, the time has come for such brands to change their views and get with the time or risk missing a major section of the market.

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